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Here’s the Expo. I didn’t take as many pictures because I didn’t think there was anything noteworthy. Everyone was mostly tired from the bus ride/climb at sunrise. So, it was weird and hectic. Eight different pavilions had been built for the Expo and the theme was ‘humans’ relationship with the ocean.’ Apparently some noteworthy K-pop stars were there entertaining, but most of us couldn’t have cared any less. So first, we went to the aquarium. After the aquarium, we ate lunch and were so tired that we took a rest on the lawn with the many Koreans sleeping as well. This was so weird because although many Koreans were taking naps on the lawn as well, once we woke up we noticed all the older Korean men staring and making noises at us. So strange. So, so strange and gross. Afterwards, we mainly walked around the International Pavilion.  This pavilion consisted of countries from all over the world that were allowed to host their own respective exhibition, which included pictures, videos, interactive things. It was weird overall. However, our favorite countries were Singapore, Qatar, and Russia. Here are some pictures.

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